Fleck 9000 & 9000SXT Collection 1" Residential Double Alternating Conditioner Control Valves

Fleck's 9000 shutoff controls the regrowth of both containers in a twin rotating conditioner and is suitable for twin property or light commercial Fleck Water Softener conditioners as much as 16" size storage tank size. The 9000 valve body is supplied in the timeless mechanical style for tough construction and also easy procedure, along with in the 9000SXT Electronic Programmable design for an extensive variety of setups as well as alternatives capabilities.


Fleck Control Valves instantly regulate the backwash and regrowth cycles for water conditioners to maintain your water softener working at optimal efficiency constantly. When a pre-set quantity of water has actually been used, twin rotating softeners are metered for on-demand regrowth.


Suitable for circumstances where uninterrupted flow of Fleck 7000SXT is a have to twin softeners consist of two resin containers. One resin container is constantly in service, while the other container remains in standby. When the meter identifies that the material is near its capability, it will switch the storage tank in standby to be in service, and the container having the exhausted resin changes right into regrowth, and then right into standby.


Benefits of Fleck 9000 Twin Alternating Conditioner Valves

  • Undisturbed Circulation of Soft Water
  • Salt and water cost savings using 100% capacity of the storage tank in solution prior to changing to the second tank
  • Regenerates with soft water and keeps system tidy for maximum operating performance and minimum maintenance
  • Strong lead-free brass body for long life as well as longevity
  • Completely automatic operation


  • Streak 9000 Double Alternating Softener Valve Characteristics
  • Totally flexible 5-cycle control delivers regulated upflow backwash, downflow brining, slow-moving rinse, rapid rinse, timed brine refill and downflow service
  • Constant circulation rate of 21 GPM (with 1" Meter).
  • All cycles are conveniently adjustable; program only essential functions with "all cycle" variable time control.
    Backwash capability manages suck to 16".
  • Choice of 3/4" or 1" meter satisfies large range of functional requirement.

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